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I am a proud Delawarean. My husband and I love raising our kiddos around gorgeous farmland and water ways. When I am not writing, I am spending time with those I love most, and/or refilling my coffee cup. As a Christian writer, I love me some Jesus, but I also keep it real. I believe in living my life, and loving others by the grace of God alone. My books are about Christian characters—flaws and all. My own struggles with faith growing up are a big reason for why I write. Faith doesn’t come easy for all, and that’s okay. It’s a journey—a journey worth writing about over and over.

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The Pit

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"I felt compassion and empathy for each character, knowing any one of them could have been me in many different seasons of life. The author helps you to understand the hearts of the broken and how in the midst of pain there is always hope."

-Rose J


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